Our customers, be they  personal,  business  or corporate,  are our business  partners.  We strive to be an understanding, friendly, flexible and professional  company  in meeting  our customer needs. We build our future through leadership in value, quality and price.



In the service of our customers,  we  are  committed  to  the  highest  standards  of professionalism,  pursuing  innovation,   deploying   imagination,   being  open  to new  ideas and   acting   decisively   and  consistently.   We   are   determined    to   deliver    outstanding quality so that the relationship with our customers remains close and long lasting.



We  care  for  our  people.  We  encourage  open  communication,  personal   development and create opportunities based on performance. We treasure creativity, initiative and. champion teamwork and empowerment.



We recognize that there is always  away to improve in every aspect of our company and we pride ourselves in our relentless pursuit of improving the quality of everything we do.



We act with integrity, competence, diligence,  respect  and  in an ethical  manner  with. the public, clients, prospective clients, employers, employees, colleagues in the fire protection industry and other participants in the service and engineering industries. We place the integrity of professionalism and the interests of clients above our own interests.



No cash gift or gift of material value should ever  be offered  to a Morison  Engineering  Limited employee with the intention of inducement of un-competitive favours in the course of our business, and we and our employees  do not, and have no intention  of offering any inducements  to any of our clients,


Morison Engineering Ltd maintains zero tolerance to bribery and also expect our clients to comply with all applicable anti-corruption laws.


Accept Morison Engineering accepts M-PESA Payments