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Inergen fire suppression is a blend of naturally occurring gases; Nitrogen, Argon, & a small amount of carbon dioxide.  The Inergen is made up of all these gas with a blend mix consisting of Argon 50%,Nitrogen 42% and CO2 8%

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INERGEN is a highly effective fire suppression system for extinguishing fire & preventing re-ignition with no risk to people or damage to equipment if engineered and installed by a qualified fire suppression systems installation company.  

The INERGEN fire suppression also has no adverse affect on the ozone layer as it is completely made up of naturally occurring gases.

INERGEN fire suppression systems also have a zero global warming potential, & no atmospheric lifetime

An INERGEN system is certified as a safe and clean fire suppression system for occupied spaces

Medically evaluated by leading authorities around the world, the blend of INERT gases maintains normal blood-oxygen levels, thereby ensuring heart rate & mental performance remain optimal to ensure a safe escape during or after a fire suppression system discharge.

Unlike many other suppression systems which need to be located close to the protected area, INERGEN can be stored up to further away, & as it is organic in structure it is not subject to time use limiting restrictions.

INERGEN fire suppression is stored & discharged as a gas, when the fire suppression system discharges the INERGEN gas, it is clear, insuring a safe & visually un-obscured exit.

Suitable Environments for and INERGEN fire suppression system

  • Laboratories
  • Telecommunication rooms
  • Computer & server environments
  • Control rooms
  • Archives


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