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Our new Zeta beam detector offers the very latest in motorized reflective beam technology which enables you to protect large open areas in a cost-effective, reliable way.

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Beam smoke detection was previously unreliable at protecting large areas as building movement and accessibility made these devices both inaccurate and and time-consuming to install and maintain. The Zeta Beam Reflective Beam Smoke Detector has been designed to intelligently overcome these issues to provide a cost-effective solution for optically detecting smoke over large areas.

The main reason that this device is so much more reliable is that it uses a motorised head unit to allow for accurate beam alignment with the reflector instead of a stationary head. On commision, the head unit will self-align with the centre of the reflector unit and automatically ensure it stays aligned with the reflector even if building movement occurs.

The ZT-BEAM is compatible with many major fire alarm system control panels and has a very low level of power consumption; it only uses 3mA at all times.

Designed to comply with EN54 Part 2, this beam smoke detector has a range of 5 to 40 metres. Range extension kits are also available to increase the range of the beam up to a massive 100 metres.

The clever design of this device ensures that false alarms are kept to a minimum, saving you time, resources and money and protecting your reputation.


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Zeta Alarms Limited (Formerly GLT Exports Limited) was founded in 1985 and is a privately held UK manufacturer of early warning fire detection systems. Our brand name Zeta Alarm Systems is well known throughout the industry and is acclaimed in over forty countries worldwide. We are currently represented in the UK, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Southern Asia & South America and this list continues to grow.
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